Travis Morel is an influential human on Infinitas, to say the least. Most anecdotal accounts agree that he was the first sentient being born on Infinitas, shortly after the arrival of the first beings. His age certainly matches this story. In spite of the fact that he is in his 80s, he is in excellent condition, Sharp of mind and athletic.

He is currently leader of the faction known as the Fighters, commanding the aristocrats below him, and the great armies and resources at their disposal.

Personal HistoryEdit

Travis Morel was born around year 2, in the Arcford area. As he was born in the early stages of Infinitas, he had a hard childhood. His family moved north when he was 6, to the region that would become Coldharbor. Travis learned to hunt up in the region, and from a young age helped provide food for his family.

As he progressed into his teens, he became quite the noted figure in the north. He was friends with several influential figures, including the Lady of the Mountain. In his 20s, he was crucial in the consolidation of a number of houses in the north to form Coldharbor, gaining himself a position in it’s governance. At the time, Coldharbor was a prominently Human city, and has remained as such through time.

When he was but 25 years old, Travis led an attack on a rogue necromancer who was living on the island and creating undead. His sweeping success made many people view him as a leader, both military and otherwise. He was named head of the armed forces and right hand of power by the Leader of Coldharbor.

For years, he did his duty, protecting the area from the various threats that arose, sometimes being sent to other parts of the island to help with the troubles there. During the First Infinitas War, he was leading his faction’s army, finding victory in the majority of his battles.

As he grew discontent with his liege lord’s decisions during and after the war, he helped nobles in other cities begin planning an uprising, the Rise of the Houses. Travis managed a very efficient coup, sitting himself as leader of Coldharbor, but some of the other nobles on the island were less efficient, requiring that Travis call his men to arms. They helped instill the other nobles into power, in the bloody civil war called the Succession War.

Travis has led the House of Fighters ever since.