Marsilion General Hospital was established when municipal-level government was formed in Marsilion in the year 74. Construction took four months with assistance of equipment provided by the then-growing facilities in Arcford to provide better medical care than was available by the mishmash of small clinics in Marsilion at the time - the only other major medical facility having been in Arcford. The current building has been added onto, reinforced and renovated many times due to constant use. Under the sole governance of the municipal government, the hospital charges for medical treatment, but the newly migranted are exempted and generally the Marsilion government attempts to keep costs affordable by partially funding the hospital through tax money.

The hospital is one of the most advanced on the island, with diagnostic equipment and staffed departments dealing with virtually every field of biological science, a neccessity given the large numbers of diverse patients arriving. In addition, the fifth floor is dedicated to various supernatural methods of healing, which often simplify the bogglingly complex job of treating hundreds of beings who's very molecular composition can vary widely. The first floor is dedicated to admission and emergency treatment and care, whereupon patients are routed to the other floors depending on their needs. The emergency room staff treat all incoming cases in order of severity, and the hospital has heavy triage capability, ensuring that even during a major crisis the hospital will remain functioning.

Consumables are limited, however. Advanced drugs for the most part do not exist save for what the hospital is able to find, however more base drugs such as antibiotics and painkillers are in supply. A trip to the fifth floor is the main method of treatment for those that have an ongoing condition that needs to be managed or cured as outpatient treatment. Due to fears of magic-resistant infections developing, however, magical support for microbe-caused infections is restricted until they become life threatening.

In it's partnership with Arcford's University biology division, they will often send donated medical supplies there in order to be analyzed to determine their safety and quality for use, after which, if they are given a passing grade, will be put into the hospital's stores. Those with medication that they do not need may drop it off in an internal collection box in the secondary entrance.

The hospital is positioned for high visibility and is located a short ways north of the town center. It is reccomended to bring all urgent, serious or life-threatening patients directly there, or enlist Guard assistance for transport to the hospital via stretcher. It is inadvisable to wait or seek alternate treatment - the hospital treats those that are injured first and requests payment later, and in addition to this patients that are unable to pay for their own treatment are eligable to have their debt written off or reduced.