A holdover from GURPS that many players use to refer to the 'tech level' of a certain piece of machinery, in regard to how easy it is to manufacture or obtain upon Infinitas. Here's a link to the various tech levels and what their key technologies were. This will help you if someone refers to something as being "TL7" or whatnot.

  • TL0: Stone age. Anyone can make stuff of this tech level.
  • TL1: Bronze age. Easy to obtain and make on your own.
  • TL2: Iron age. Not hard, all you need is charcoal and raw materials.
  • TL3: Medieval. You can generally get any of this for money, or with a small crew, resources, less money, and effort.
  • TL4: Late Medevial/Age of Sail. Getting more expensive. Most ships are made with tech from this level, with a few modern trappings. You generally need good knowledge and resources to make anything from it.
  • TL5: Industrial revolution/western. Need a machine shop, specialized tools, or good knowledge in the required area. Many firearms are made at this tech level. Infinitas itself is generally along the lines of this tech level.
  • TL6: Mechanized age. Things here are obtainable but more expensive, and generally need to be ordered well in advance. Infinitas is slowly moving towards this tech level in general.
  • TL7: Nuclear age. Anything from this TL is probably offworld, or manufactured at the very best plants the island has to offer (I.E the ones with minor levels of nanofabricators or other advanced offworld machinery tech). Aka, your average character probably will not get their hands on it.
  • TL8: Digitized age. Mostly off limits, save for offworld tech. This includes computers, so no laptops for you unless you're willing to pay out the nose!
  • TL9 and higher: Microtech age. Available only as offworld tech, or specially manufactured in very limited cases by the local AIs upon Infinitas or nanofactories. Very little is actually providable here, and equipment of this nature is almost universally snatched up as soon as it can be found, and not for sale.
  • TL10 and higher: Generally off limits. You're not finding a spaceship. Sorry.