The list of characters that players have decided to put up wiki pages for! A wiki page is not required for a character, but can often illustrate how their parent organization views them, note their history upon Infinitas and their personality, host a number of pictures and even describe clothing, armor or equipment they wear or fighting styles they use. Consider them as a place to put less important information you wouldn't normally find in the CS. Feel free to create one for a character you own, but please follow the example of the already existing locations in terms of formatting.

Player CharactersEdit

Player characters, as in, directly controlled characters belonging to one player and one player only. The format is an asterisk and then a link, no description, organized by player.

Atalhlla (AKA @)Edit





Shentino (aliases: Spyro)Edit

Non-Player CharactersEdit

NPCs that can be played (usually) by anyone, although usually this is recommended only for GMs. NPCs are given a short description of their job and suitability, and not organized by player. When making a page for an NPC, follow the template, here. Mark NPCs with [[Category:NPCs]] only.

Marsilion CitizensEdit

  • Annemarie Iversen, a Danish female red fox from the late medieval period. Works for the Harmad Bank as a branch official, while teaching Kunst des Fechtens (the art of fighting) on the side.
  • Disc Jockey Kenny the Kookaburra, a popular anthropomorphic kookaburra DJ for one of Marsilion's radio stations. He plays a wide variety of music from any kind of media he can get his hands on (Live performance, Vinyl record, Cassette, CD, digital, etc.). He also hosts a call in talk show via ham radio on 148.500 MHz.


Marsilion ArmyEdit

Marsilion GuardEdit

  • Guardsman Maira Zhukov, a female russian wolf. A veteran patrol officer of the Guard with several high profile busts of small time crime rings under her belt.
  • Guardsman Holstek Thunderhoof, a male Tauren. Retired from the Army to work for the guard. Specializes in interrogation and entry, using his imposing profile to his advantage.

Farmers, villagers and country folkEdit

Southern Forest and Badlands InhabitantsEdit

  • The Walker, a male human spirit-talker. Enigmatic, little is known about him other than he has frequent contact with Meredith, and refers to her as his "sister".