The Black Barge is a large tavern by the docks, on the southwest side of Marsilion. One of the older ones in the city, largely used by farmer and fisherman alike back in the earlier days of the island to catch a drink in before bed.

It's all-wood, large A-frame log cabin construction led to it nearly being burnt down twice in it's history. The exterior is painted a gray-black, and it's sign features a black river barge sailing into port and hoisting the Jolly Roger. The place is lit by everburning torches for atmosphere in the night, both interior and exterior.

It serves mostly seafood and a wide variety of drinks, and offers varied styles of tables for a wide array of possible patrons - lowslung, chairless ones made for tauric or fourlegged creatures chief among them. The windows are bay windows, with wide, outwardly opening hinges, for serving individuals that are too large to enter the building. There is both a bar area for primarily for alcoholic drinks and a dining area primarily for eating. All of the furniture is wooden.

Just about anyone's welcome here, and the staff are surprisingly friendly, but the owner takes a "shotgun diplomacy" method of enforcing the tavern's stated rules in front of the door. (Don't scratch up the tables, consume recreational drugs other than alcohol OUTside the bar, don't make a scene, and don't fight with the other patrons.) Rooms are available upstairs and paid for by the hour or by the night, although they are usually in high demand, and not usually employed for sleeping.